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Mystery Tubers

Mystery Tubers

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Starting your dahlia collection? Why not get a mixed bag of mystery tubers? If you aren't picky about the varieties and just want some beautiful dahlias to grow in your garden, then this collection is right for you!

Mystery tubers are made up of tubers that lost their tags either during growing season or while dividing tubers, or it might be varieties that were sold to me under a different name so I am not quite sure they are the tubers they claim to be. Either way, the flowers will all still gorgeous. Why not grow a few mystery tubers and let the surprise be all yours! 

Each Mystery Tuber collection includes 3 tubers. 

Collection might include: Robann Regal, White Perfection, Jowey Winnie, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Café au Lait, Tyrell, Breakout. 

Varieties will bloom mid-summer and continue to put on a show throughout the fall. 

Flower type: Ball, Decorative, Dinnerplate

Bloom Size: 3-10”

Plant height: 4-6'

Spacing: 12 - 18" 

Plant in full sun after the last frost. Plant tuber about 4-6" deep.

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