Edie Rower Flowers started after I had successfully smothered a garden the length of my backyard, free of goutweed and had a giant row of dirt staring back at me. I decided to plant cut flowers and quickly discovered that I wasn't the only one who loved fresh, local flowers. 

My son, George, and I began selling hand-tied bouquets at the roadside and we both fell in love with the joy that flowers brought to our community. We have upped our game since then and we now offer à la carte bouquets, summer bouquet subscriptions, a fall dahlia bouquet subscription, small event DIY florals and new this year, we are selling dahlia tubers. 

Each year our little operation grows and each year we get more and more enjoyment out of the slow pace of flowers, learning sustainable garden practices and spreading joy one bouquet at a time. 

We grow a wide variety of flowers: peonies, zinnias, cosmos, dahlias, snapdragons, celosia, scabiosa and feverfew to name only a few. We create hand-tied bouquets and vase arrangements from June to October. 

This is our third year growing and selling flowers from our backyard in Mississauga, Ontario. 

Thank you for supporting local.